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About Us

Our Story

Aumansh is a dynamic player in the international trade market, specializing in the exchange of goods and services across the Middle East, America, and the Asia Pacific. Our core focus is on importing scrap materials and exporting high-quality healthcare products, cosmetics items, and homegrown beauty products

We are driven by values

Aumansh envisions a world where businesses transcend borders effortlessly, creating a global network of prosperity and collaboration. Our vision is anchored in the belief that strategic trade partnerships can fuel innovation, sustainability, and economic growth.

Super Efficient

Efficiency is ingrained in the DNA of Aumansh, Our streamlined processes, optimized supply chain, and proactive problem-solving ensure smooth operations and timely deliveries.

Deeply Committed

Our commitment is the driving force behind every decision we make, ensuring lasting value for our partners and customers

Highly Skilled

Our workforce, equipped with diverse skills, enables us to navigate the complexities of international trade, innovate in product development, and maintain the highest standards of quality